7 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

1. Set realistic expectations. Things aren’t going to go perfectly and that’s OK. Prepare yourself mentally by visualizing your calm, positive response to negative events.

2. Get moving. It’s not the chores, shopping and Uncle Stanley’s visit that are stressing you out – it’s your anticipation of them! Create a to-do list and tackle one or two items per week through the holidays.

3. Budget your holiday spending. Set per-person limits on gift giving and stick to them. Don’t overlook costs for travel, decorations, food and entertainment. Give inexpensive, but thoughtful gifts, such as home-baked goods or handmade photo albums. Bundling several small items around a theme provides a low-cost, personal touch.

4. Pay as you go. Charging your purchases may delay your bills, but knowing they’re waiting for you in January increases stress.

5. Play to your strengths. Use what you have the most of – time, creativity, etc.

6. Don’t lose the meaning. If consumerism has you down, check out for a while with inspirational literature and reconnect with what makes the holidays special and important.

7. Participate in reaffirming activities. Spend time at your house of worship or in your community with like-minded people.

Via:  Utica National