What Is Most Important To You When Hiring Entry-Level Employees?

Success involves more than just knowledge, and as we see in the above survey, hiring managers understand this. When hiring employees, there is logic in finding candidates that possess attributes that are difficult to teach, like positive attitudes and a strong work ethic.

Although these “soft skills” are necessary factors for quality employees, they can also lead to hiring discrimination risk. Hiring managers may use these subjective attributes to hide their discriminatory hiring decisions.

In 2014, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) received over 7,500 charges involving discrimination in hiring. The largest number of charges of hiring discrimination were based on age, with race as a close second.

Employers must be attentive to the risk of discrimination in their hiring practices. Always seek to bring a balance of criteria required for a position, and be sure to relate any subjective “soft skills” you may desire back to the job duties and the mission of the organization.

Employers hiring for a job that is primarily service-oriented, for example, should be able show how a welcoming and eager attitude is necessary to effectively serve the customer.

 Via:  Hartford Help