Attitude Versus Skills: What Is More Important To Your Workplace?

Software developer, Instructure, surveyed almost 750 managers from U.S. businesses in a variety of industries to find out what they believe are important attributes for entry-level hires.

Nearly all managers surveyed stated a candidate's attitude and work ethic were the most important characteristic they considered when hiring entry-level positions, with 85 percent choosing work ethic as the most important aspect of success. Seventy-nine percent of respondents stated that a candidate's impressive college schooling was the least important factor in their hiring decision.

The results show that organizations are looking to hire individuals who have what researchers call "soft skills," or skills that are hard to teach, and then training them in the specific skills and knowledge for their position. "Study Shows Managers Value Attributes Over Skills When Hiring Entry-Level Employees

" (Mar. 18, 2015). 

Via: Hartford Help