7 Tips to Avoiding the “Seasonal 7”

The “seasonal 7” is the average number of pounds people gain between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day … but leftover Halloween candy can contribute to that added weight. These tips during the coming holiday-filled weeks can help:

1. Try a little bit – If tempted by a tasty confection, only try a small portion. Keep healthy snacks handy to nibble on. 

2. Eat throughout the day – In anticipation of an evening party, thinking “I won’t eat during the day, so I can fill up tonight” will lead to overeating. Instead, eat breakfast and lunch as always, then munch on something healthy before the party. You won’t be as hungry and end up devouring everything in sight later.

3. Take a seat – You’re more likely to eat only what’s in front of you if a sit-down dinner is served instead of a buffet at a party. The “all-you-can-eat” philosophy is tempting, but can also make you overeat.

4. Enjoy the conversation – Get-togethers are about socializing, so don’t make food the only reason to go. Talking more and eating less can help you control your weight. 

5. Have fun – That’s what the holidays are about! Balance delectable treats with healthy foods, like fruit salad or raw vegetables.

6. Choose wisely – Don’t let being worn out from activities such as shopping make you forget good eating habits. Choose healthy dishes if you’re ordering out.

7. Meet Jim – Actually, it’s Gym. Fitness Center. Exercise Room. Call it what you like, but it can be among your best friends any time of year. Consult your physician before beginning a diet and exercise regimen.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) online for tips on healthy eating.

Via:  Utica National