Twitter And Sexual Harassment: Are The Two Linked?


We wanted to know if you, our readers, think that Twitter can create a hostile working environment. You responded:

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Social media has become part of almost everybody's daily activities. Unfortunately, there are people who use social media to malign or harass others, just like the CEO's wife who harassed an employee through Twitter when she thought the employee was having an affair with her husband.

All employers must take all necessary steps to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, both online and offline, to avoid liability. The laws prohibiting sexual harassment apply to social media harassment.

When an employee reports online harassment, the employer should discuss this with the concerned employee and take appropriate action to stop the harasser's behavior towards the employee. The employer should also document what was discussed with the employee and all actions taken to stop the online harassment.

This informational piece was published on October 9, 2015.

Via:  The Hartford