Can I be Held Negligent if My Self-Driving Car Causes an Accident?

There is something very appealing about the self-driving car of the not too distant future.  They'll be no more need to be alert and awake for the 5 hour trip home after a weekend away, relationships will be saved because they'll be no occasion to get lost, "discuss" directions or try to contradict the navigation system.  I once said to my husband, are you going to listen to me or "her" (the car's navigation system) - not a good question to ask when you have to spend several more hours in the car with someone.  Maybe even the elimination of road rage and distracted driving? 

In our lifetime we will have autonomous vehicles which may solve some of these challenges, but will create others.  One of the most complex issues involves negligence and liability and the impact on the how we'll insure both personal and commercial vehicles.

By:  Amy Levine via Insurance Journal